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Violin's ancestral instrument "Feedel" In the court society of medieval Europe, Feedel was positioned as the most important bow instrument. It is said that "it has the characteristics of all other musical instruments and can express all musical tones in an emotional way." Fidel players were also said to have to be able to do "anything" and were necessary for weddings, receptions and all other celebrations.


The European medieval bowed stringed instrument, Rebec, is probably from the Arabian rubab. During the Renaissance, there were several sizes of rebecs, and small and large bass instruments were played between the knees like Gamba, and there were various pitches and sizes of rebecs. The most typical rebec of the Middle Ages was played on a small soprano instrument (reconstructed version of CATHERINA) with songs and dances. Rebec's craftsmanship is carved out of wood and made closer to nature by the creator's perception and imagination of the wood.   From the adorable lines and sounds that come out of it, I think it's a tone that reaches the hearts of people living in modern times.


Katerina's Rebec includes zelkova, cherry blossoms, plums, chestnuts, birch, etc ...

It is made using various trees native to Japan.

Made to order / Some musical instruments are available / 120,000 ~

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