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Renaissance Recorder 

Recorders are one of the most well-known ancient instruments. There is also a historical fact that the origin of the recorder was made of reeds. Wood was used during the Renaissance Baroque period and continues to be made to this day.

At Katerina, we discovered the use and potential of bamboo materials that inhabit Japan a lot, and completed a recorder unique to Katerina using Shinotake. The soft sound of bamboo makes you feel the unique sound of Japan.

Soprano /  20,000 yen

Alto / 25,000 yen

​ Whistle / 8,000 ~ 12,000 yen

Bird Flute

The bird flute that describes the production method in detail in the book "Welcome to the world of handmade musical instruments". Workshops where you can experience the mystery of making sounds are held in various places, and it has become established as a local product in some areas of Hokkaido. Katerina's bird flute is still carefully handmade one by one and continues to be a long-selling product.


Bird flute / 1,500 yen

kotori (miniature necklace) / 2,700 yen

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